It’s been awhile

I’ve realized that it’s been quite awhile since I posted here – about three months or so – and it’s been a busy few months! The baby has been sharing a room with my husband and me, which is also where I have my computer, so when she sleeps, I can’t use the computer… which has also made posting here a little difficult. She is out of our room now and into the nursery (read: spare room), which has helped both of us sleep much better. She is nine months already, which is crazy to think. I’m also feeling a bit more like myself (I wish I could sleep through the night!) and back to “normal”, which I suppose is a relative term.๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been keeping up with my knitting, though I have much less time to knit than I did when I was pregnant. It’s fine though! I love those little chubby hands that pull my knitting off the needles, and I do have a few finished projects.

The photos of these aren’t the best quality. I took them with my iPod touch because it was the most convenient at the time๐Ÿ™‚

A gorgeous little sweater and two pairs of socks? Not too bad for having a very active baby!

I’m still dyeing yarn, and have been enjoying it so much. I am so thankful to have a creative outlet and something for myself. My husband and children are very supportive of it and I am thankful for that, too. Any free time I have has been dedicated to this, and it is so hard to not have more time to put towards it! But that is this season of life!

On a personal note, I can’t shake the feeling that we are turning the corner on our life journey, like we are headed for changes. I suppose life is always changing but some changes are larger and more impactful than others. We shall see…

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Sick kiddos and a new shawl

We had my eldest daughter’s last soccer game and potluck this past weekend, and as usual with these kinds of events, the kids ate way too much junk food (people can’t resist a sweet two year old begging for a cookie, you know!) Well, two of the kiddos weren’t feeling well that evening and next morning, and are now full blown sick with colds and slight fevers. Our family eats pretty clean, as I have food sensitivities, and it’s easier for everyone to eat the way I do. But I also let them indulge for special occasions, and now I feel bad that I didn’t monitor their treat intake more. You would think I would know these things, four kids later!

Every Sunday I think – hmm, I’d sure like a new shawl to wear, I really should make one, etc. and then I forget. So in the midst of taking care of the sickies, I’ve started on another Reyna shawl. It looks so fantastic with variegated yarn, and I’m using one of my new colorways, ‘ฤ€kala.

…And now the baby has woke up and is crying, so I have to cut this short. Have a wonderful week!

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Starboard Sweater Again

I had knit a Starboard Sweater about a year and a half ago, for one of my daughters, and recently she and her younger sister are constantly fighting over it.๐Ÿ™‚ So I thought it was time that I knit up another Starboard, in a little smaller size and in a different color.

I had a specific color of blue in mind, so I dyed up two skeins of DK weight yarn in a tonal, layered medium blue shade. The Starboard pattern is so great, a simple top down style with pockets and picked up garter neckline. The pockets are such a hit and have held up well in the first Starboard sweater, so I’m hoping they do the same with this one. (As you can tell from the first photo, the pockets are already stuffed with trinkets!)

I really love how it turned out, and my little one has been wearing it non stop, even if it is in the low 80s! The yarn is a beautiful shade and I’m really happy how it turned out, so I may add it to the shop at some point.

Reading: Nothing, honestly. I started on one of my husband’s business books that are around the house so I might start on that again. I would love suggestions if you have any!

Shop update: I’ve been working on the wholesale order from Colorful Yarns, as well as replenishing stock in my own shop. I should be adding new colorways and restocks through this week!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Ginny’s baby shower and lots of blue projects

I’m so excited for Ginny’s virtual baby shower this week! I’ve been inspired and touched by her blog and community for a long time, so I’m happy to be able to contribute to her newest blessing. I wasn’t sure what she would need for the baby, so I decided to give her something that would benefit her and the baby.๐Ÿ™‚ I dyed up two skeins of DK merino wool yarn, so she can make a sweater for the baby down the road (or maybe an accessory for herself!!). I wanted to dye up colors that were soft and cozy and comforting, like how I feel when I visit her blog. The yarn is in tonal shades of pink and mauve and grey, and they turned out so beautiful.


I had such a great time knitting up the Rose City Rollers last week, that I quickly finished them and have been wearing them already! I love all the stripes and the wooliness of the yarn. They feel wonderful!

I had initially purchased the yarn (Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering) in order to make socks for my husband, but when he felt the yarn, he thought they might be too itchy. So I made the socks for myself. Of course, as soon as he saw my socks finished, he decided they weren’t itchy after all, and actually felt pretty nice, and wanted some for himself. I’m now in the process of making a second pair, crossing my fingers that I have enough yarn! When it is finished, I plan on weighing the first sock and weighing the leftover yarn to see if I have enough yarn for a second sock.

Yesterday I started a sweater for my little one, another Starboard. She and her older sister fight over the first Starboard that I finished about a year and a half ago, so I thought it was about time to make one for herself.

I dyed up some superwash merino wool yarn in a gorgeous tonal blue, and I’m really happy with the colorway. It is exactly what I wanted, and I will probably add it to the shop at some point. I periodically stop knitting and just pet the stockinette, because I love the color so much and the yarn is so soft.

Reading: I’m still working on the latest issue of Soul Gardening, and probably will be for a while. I can knit and do other things at the same time (like help little children), but I still cannot knit, help children, and read all at once. Maybe when the baby is a little older!๐Ÿ™‚

Shop update: I have exciting news! Colorful Yarns in Centennial, CO will soon be carrying Pineapple Yarn and project bags! This is my first wholesale order and I am really excited to be working with them. A big thank you to Tiffany for her order! So I am busy working on all of her beautiful yarn and project bags and can’t wait to post pictures of all of them. In my shop, I have some restocks of several colorways, like Ala Moana and Whale Sighting. I plan on working on more restocks of yarn and project bags this week.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Finished Objects!

Hello again! I try to post on Mondays, “try” being the key word, but boy has it been difficult to sit down at the computer with a bunch of spirited, high energy girls!๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited because I have two finished projects and one work in progress! The first finished project is my Say Anything cardigan, which I have been working on (slowly) for a while now. Before I forget, I really want to thank all of you for your kind words about that project last week. I made the commitment to work on it every night, and it’s amazing once you made the time for a project, you can really get a lot done! After I blocked the whole thing, it did fit better, but I’m looking forward to the time that it will fit a bit better. Overall I’m happy with it – the pattern is great, the yarn choice was great, I just wish I went up a size or two.

The second finished project is my Vanilla Latte socks, I used Madelinetosh Tosh Sock (I think) in Hosta Blue. I’ve noticed that I have the opposite problem of the Second Sock Syndrome – it’s the first sock that takes me the longest, and then the second goes by so quickly. They are lovely socks and will make a great addition to my gift stash.

The work in progress is another sock. I wanted something I could wear in a warmer climate so I chose the Rose City Roller pattern. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Superwash Fingering in colorway The Final Frontier. It’s knitting up in the neatest pattern of stripes! It’s the first time I’ve worked with yarn spun from Blue Faced Leicester sheep, and I really love the “wooly” feel of it. (I hope to add a photo soon!)

Reading: I’m still slowly reading and savoring the latest edition of Soul Gardening.

Pineapple Yarn: I’ve been consistently adding new colorways, restocking sold out items, and adding new project bags. Right now I’m in love with this soft, speckled colorway called Ma’ili and my flamingo project bag, and my girls are crazy over the neons – Birthday Confetti and Graffiti is Art. I am so thankful for this creative outlet and the chance to work with yarn every day!

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Making progress…

I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful! It was super relaxing here – besides a last minute decision to clean the carpets! But its done now and we had a lovely clean house for Easter, which is always nice. The kids played outside a ton and we all indulged in lots of sugar and gluten and buttery treats๐Ÿ™‚

I was able to work a little more on my Say Anything cardigan. The sleeve is getting there, but I definitely need to be more consistent on working on it. Can I be honest for a minute? I cast on using my “normal” body measurements at the end of my pregnancy, and right now, my postpartum body is a good deal larger than what it is normally. So the sweater doesn’t look really flattering when I try it on, and it really doesn’t fit the way I wanted it to. So I just don’t have the motivation to finish it other than not having a WIP that’s 95% done. Ah, such is life and perhaps I should just stick with socks or shawls for the time being๐Ÿ™‚

Reading: Still working on The Child Whisperer, about half way through, and enjoying it.

Shop update: I added quite a few new colorways to the shop last week, and they are getting swooped up! This Friday I plan on a shop update with lots of new project bags and hopefully some restocks and new colorways, too.

I hope your week is wonderful!

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Review of Baby Knits

This week I’m feeling particularly uninspired with my current knitting projects. I’m still trudging along with the last sleeve of this sweater. It’s DK weight, which usually makes for a speedy-ish knit, but it is going so. slowly. So instead of show you the entire two rows that I knit on the sleeve, I thought I’d do a review of the baby knits I knit up for baby #4. Just as a reference, she was a little over 8 pounds when she was born, so not small, but not huge – about average in my crew of 4.

Summary: All the sweaters I knit except one were too small for her, sleeves, width, everything. So I’d like to focus on the successes.๐Ÿ™‚

Newborn Knot Hat: This was a perfect fit on her 13.5″ head. It only fit for a couple of weeks, as her head grew quickly, but we really didn’t need it with our climate. I didn’t use a pattern, just made it from my own notes, and I’d definitely make it again.

Baby Surprise Jacket: This would fit about a 3-6 months size, in my estimation, with the yarn I used. It was much larger than the other baby knits I made. She hasn’t worn it yet, so I will try and snap a picture when she does wear it.

Milo Bambino #1 and Milo Bambino #2: These both fit great. I used DK weight yarn instead of the fingering suggested, and they both fit for a couple of weeks. If I would have used a really stretchy bind off for the hem, they would have fit even longer. Baby girl really didn’t care to wear them, though, so it ended up being fine.

Hundreds Cardigan: This was a really nice fit, and I loved the Malabrigo silk and merino yarn I used. It has a nice stretch and, like the other projects above, fit for a couple of weeks. The hat was way too small and went to my other girls for doll clothes.

Perfect Fit Newborn Socks: These fit for quite a long time (at least a month and a half!), and stayed on nicely. I was happy that I had them and would definitely make them again.

Kiss Me Romper: This did fit, but she didn’t wear it because the colorway looked light blue and so I gifted it to a friend for her sweet baby boy.

For the sake of clarity, the items that were too small were: Tiny Pants #1 and #2, Cascade, Snug Bug (and the matching hat), and Keams.

Patterns I would still like to try: I’d still like to make her a little cardigan, in a 6-12 month size or so, and also Flax Light. I actually made the Flax Light in women’s size xs for my eldest and also in a baby size for a friend, and they both were wonderful. Maybe once I get my final sweater sleeve knit up…๐Ÿ™‚

Shop update: Friends, thank you so much for the wonderful response to my new little shop. You have been so kind and positive to my new endeavor and it really warmed my heart. So thank you for that! This week I’ve been dyeing and sewing up a storm! I will have lots of new colorways in the shop this Friday, and depending on time, some new project bags, too.

Reading: The Child Whisperer. I was able to borrow it for free through Amazon Prime, and it has been an interesting read. It’s a little redundant, so I have been skimming it, but I have learned a lot about my children’s personalities and how to communicate with them better. It’s really important to me to work at becoming a good communicator and I think this book will help with that.

I may not post later this week, so I will wish you a blessed Holy Week and a wonderful Easter!!


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