Yarn Along 2

Since we’ve moved here, my eldest has been wearing cardigans to Mass over her sleeveless dresses, as she did when we lived in Charleston. I think it looks a little more pulled together (especially when you are rolling out of bed, and rushing, to make it there by 7 AM). What is different here, is that it is not over air conditioned at the church. Actually, there is no air conditioning at all, which makes wearing a long-sleeved cardigan a little uncomfortable. So I promised her that I would make her a shrug so she could be a little more comfortable. SAMSUNG CSC

All I did was find a lacy stitch that I liked, and knit a rectangle the width of her back plus overlapping her arms a little. The height is enough to wrap around her arms comfortably. I’m working on finishing these arm openings, then I’ll finish the resulting opening that will allow her to put it on. It’s with a worsted weight organic cotton yarn, not my first choice, but it’s one of the only yarns I have with me here. I haven’t finished the shawl yet. It is coming along, one row at a time!


I’ve started reading this book and so far I’ve really enjoyed it. To me, Waldorf philosophy and practices is like a cozy home or warm blanket. It just feels natural and good, and I want to incorporate it more into our schooling and daily life. I also need help finding our rhythm after our move.

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