On the road again! and an anole

It’s been five weeks since I’ve driven a vehicle. Five weeks! My vehicle was shipped from the East Coast, and for some reason it took forever to get here… but we picked it up yesterday and it was wonderful! Unfortunately, the navigation wasn’t working. It kept saying that it was out of the database area or something to that effect. I had just upgraded the DVD before we moved so I knew that it should have Hawaii on it. After some research, I found out that the dealer needed to switch the navigation system from US to Hawaii in order for it to work. Long story short, thanks to some research, I found this post and did it myself in about 60 seconds. It’s funny how the little things can give us such a sense of gratitude and relief!

Nature here is so different than in the mainland. It’s alive, abundant, and beautiful – really hard to describe. We found a lizard in the driveway and it was so, so tiny. To clarify, “we” means my husband, and he tells me that it was not a lizard, but an anole. I’m obviously not the animal person in the family!


I was proud of the girls for holding it. They are a bit squeamish and don’t like holding anything that crawls 🙂

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