Yarn Along 3

For this week’s Knit Along, I’ve finished up a baby sweater using this pattern for my sister-in-law, who was blessed with a baby girl after many months of heartbreaking miscarriages. I started it this summer when we took a road trip up the East coast, days of driving means lots of knitting time! I love baby sweaters because they are quick knits and cute and you know they will fit at some point!


It is an undyed superwash merino wool, not the softest, but babies are always layered so I’m sure it will be fine. I shortened the arms a bit, as my girls’ sleeves are always too long – maybe they just have short arms? The buttons are vintage, found in a sewing machine cabinet my husband brought home as a surprise for me. They are a soft, bright cherry red. The floral fabric is a fun Hawaiian print I purchased here. I am in love with it and want to keep it for myself! I’m in the middle of making this dress, with red lining and red rick rack along the waist seam.


I just finished the book that I started last week, and I’m so happy that I purchased it. It was full of wisdom and advice and even some basic toys to make for younger children. I’d highly recommend it if you are curious about Waldorf education and philosophy. I hope to incorporate some of its ideas into our daily lives.


And I just realized this… I incorrectly identified the shawl that I am still working on. It’s actually this shawl. I only have 10 or so more rows (not including purl rows), so I hope to really finish it this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, Hurricane Ana is headed directly for us, so if you can send a prayer our way I would appreciate it tremendously. I’m praying that damage and disruption will be minimal, and it will only amount to lots of knitting time!

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