Yarn Along 4

Thankfully this weekend was full of lots of rain and knitting (no damage!) from Ana, and I’m in the homestretch for the Ethereal shawl! I’ve started binding off, about halfway there, and then blocking, and done. I’m so excited to be finished with this project, and to see the final result.


Of course, I’ve started planning the next project, a sweater for my middle child (the namesake of this blog). I know, it does seem a little ridiculous to be knitting a sweater in Hawaii, but it really does get a little chilly when the sun goes down. “Chilly” is relative, of course – but as soon as the chance came, you know I’m not going to let that pass by! I hope to get started on it in a few days.


I’ve also started reading/praying the Liturgy of the Hours with this book. I started on the most basic version I could find in an attempt to keep at it and continue with building my daily rhythm. It has brought a sense of peace, purpose, and focus in just a few short days, for which I am grateful. It’s been a tough transition and I need an anchor to keep from floating away in a sea of paperwork…

Joining with Ginny today.

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