Yarn Along 5

I’ve started on my new project, the Starboard sweater, that I mentioned before. I don’t consider myself a quick knitter, but this is really coming along and it looks beautiful. I’ve finished the body and the flaps which will become pockets, and now I need to work on the sleeves. I considered giving it to my middle daughter for her upcoming birthday, but I think I will wait until Christmas as I really don’t have any yarn to start a new project. I’m trying to savor this knit while it lasts!


I’ve also been mindful of knitting for pleasure, not speed (it’s not a race!), and the even consistency of my stitches really reflects that. I’m really happy with that because it’s definitely an improvement from my earlier knitting endeavors!


I’m in love with the yarn, it has such a wonderful soft feel and saturated color – the pictures do not do it justice. And even though it’s still warm here, I’ve brought it several times to the beach and it has not been too hot to knit with it sitting on my lap.


Our family has been working through the Little House books for months now, and we have just finished the first year in The First Four Years. Wow – talk about hardships. It really puts things into perspective, especially when I feel like this move and transition has been so trying. I could go on and on about these books, I enjoy reading them so much! And it has been fun reading them to the girls, as they love them as much as I did when I was a girl.

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