Yarn Along 6

In my quest for more mindful and purposeful creating (meaning, cleaning out boxes of half-finished projects before we moved), I made a resolution to finish all my unfinished objects (UFOs) :). I don’t have a strict time frame, perhaps before the end of the year? I am ashamed to admit that many of these projects have intended recipients that never received them. I don’t have too many to finish, maybe 5 or so, but all of them are very near completion. Several of them need blocked, others need a couple of buttons sewn on.


This past week I finished the first of the UFOs, my first attempt at a lace weight shawl. The pattern I used has a beautiful, simple design. It’s actually made with a fingering weight yarn, and was a good pattern for a first attempt. I say “attempt” because there are some glaringly obvious errors in the shawl, which I guess I didn’t realize when I was knitting it. They became obvious when I blocked it, though!


And speaking of blocking, I’m not even sure that I blocked it correctly. Did I mention that this was my first attempt?


The intended recipient of this shawl was my mother, and so I’ll call this one “A Shawl Only A Mother Could Love”. Luckily, my mom has always been very positive with my creative endeavors. It will look fine once it’s being worn…


Now that I’m thinking about all this, maybe I shouldn’t give it to her? Is it bad giving a gift that isn’t perfect? Honestly, my mom wouldn’t notice the error unless she was really inspecting it, which isn’t her nature. Of course, I’ll tell her – I’m not going to try and sneak it past her!



And as far as reading – I haven’t been reading much this week. We’re still working on The First Four Years here and there, and we are at the end of Year Three. Basically making lemonade out of lemons – again. What hardships!

Linking with Ginny this week.

4 thoughts on “Yarn Along 6

  1. It’s gorgeous and cobwebby—give it to your mom! She’ll love it, anyway; no one will notice the problems while it’s being worn. Nothing is perfect. And I love the color.


  2. I love the color. Such a bright and happy shawl. Your mother will love it. Homemade from our kids are always the best gifts (mistakes and all) . Have a wonderful weekend.


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