Back to knitting

It’s been a long break here, and for the past few months I’ve been finishing up some sewing and testing out some new patterns. But I’ve found some fresh knitting inspiration and have started a few new projects. It can be hard finding knitting motivation, for me anyway, in a year-round warm climate! Maybe I need to start knitting with linen or cotton or bamboo instead of wool… but wool is just so nice.

The first project I finished was this little newborn cardigan. I used this yarn and it is really soft and has lovely, very subtle color variations. The design is perfect for layering and would be so easy to dress baby. My friend is expecting any day now! so I need to pop it in the mail right away. The little bonnet doesn’t have a pattern but was super simple to make.

I also started on this knit a long and I am loving it! It’s my first, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved the yarn choices and the promise of clues that weren’t terribly complicated. I chose this yarn and I absolutely love it. It is wooly, fluffy, with a “real” feeling – the feel of wool that isn’t a superwash, and no cashmere or alpaca mixed in. And the color is gorgeous. It is dyed with madder root and has beautiful color variations.

After I finished up the little pink cardigan, bonnet, and clue #1, I started on another baby cardigan for a friend whose baby is already months old! I was nearly finished with a cardigan and I just hated it – it was too small, the yarn wasn’t working with the pattern. So I found this pattern instead, and I’m really loving it. It’s simple, so it highlights the beautiful texture and color of the yarn, and the design will be adorable on an older baby/toddler. I’m using this yarn and it is wonderful, of course.

I’ve had a lot of time to sit and rest – well, I’ve actually been forced to, because I’ve been a bit under the weather with my new pregnancy! I’m very happy for the gift of another child, and I’m also excited for all of the baby knits that I can work on in the next several months…

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