Finished – Another Flax

Isn’t this a beautiful little sweater? It’s another baby gift, size 6-12 months, and it is so soft and adorable. With this Flax sweater, I actually followed the pattern carefully (as opposed to the last one – pregnancy brain!) and was successful in making the cute garter accent all the way down the sleeve.

The pattern was simple and clear, and fast – I think I’m getting spoiled with all the quick baby knits I’ve done lately. The yarn is Robin Red Breast from Madelinetosh and it was exactly what I expected – saturated, but not bright, reds, subtle tonal variations. It’s absolutely beautiful and I loved working with it.

Now I tend to be a very loose knitter. This is fine and simple to manage, except when it comes to any stitch pattern that has a knit followed by a purl, such as a cable or ribbing. In those cases, my tension is really uneven. But I think I’ve found a solution! For the garter stitch and ribbing in this sweater, I used what I think is termed an Eastern European method for purl stitch (seen demonstrated here) – instead of the yarn going over the needle and pulled through, the yarn is looped under the needle and pulled through. The resulting stitch uses less yarn, and consequently the previously knit stitch maintains its tension. Not sure if this makes sense, but it made such a significant difference to me in this project and it seems like a true solution for a problem with which I’ve really struggled!

2 thoughts on “Finished – Another Flax

  1. This is just too gorgeous. I have this in my Ravelry and I just love this colour. I know where to come when I attempt my first Flax. Your baby will look so beautiful in this.


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