Homemade Silly Putty

Last weekend, all the girls were in such a mood, as girls sometimes are. I don’t know if it was the hot weather, or being tired, or bored. But it always brings them into balance to do a craft, so of course that’s what we did. I just happened to stock up on some bottles of inexpensive school glue, so it was the perfect chance to make some homemade silly putty.

We combined the entire (4 oz.) bottle of school glue with 1/4 cup liquid starch, adding a little at a time. It is so much fun to feel the transformation of the glue while stirring! We also used a little tempura paint to color the putty, but I’m sure food coloring, or even acrylic paint, would have worked well too. And they added glitter – because, you know, girls. 🙂



It ended up being so much fun that even their dad joined in to mix new colors.

The girls have stored it in the refrigerator and it has lasted for several days, though perhaps room temperature would work just as well.

It’s so nice for them to have a little activity with which they can occupy themselves!

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