Dyeing Silks for Michaelmas

For a Michaelmas craft this year, I wanted to dye some large silks for the girls to use as capes. My thought – wouldn’t it be fun to use a native Hawaiian plant for a dye! I came across a root called ‘olena, which was possibly one of the first plants that the first Polynesian settlers brought with them. So when I tried to source this root, I quickly realized that ‘olena is the Hawaiian name for turmeric – so that’s what we used! The silks took the color beautifully. If only we had more things to dye – silks or fabric or yarn – it really was a lot of fun. And the best part: our heat wave finally broke, and we are experiencing steady, cooler, mid-80s, for which I am extremely thankful. It almost feels like autumn 🙂



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