Baby Washcloths

I finished up a project that I had started a few months back, which were three simple washcloths for the baby. I used undyed organic cotton yarn from Knit Picks that I have had for quite a while. The patterns are here and here, with the third just a simple basketweave pattern. They came out so simple and soft. It will be interesting to see how long they last – I really would like to knit a few for myself!

2 thoughts on “Baby Washcloths

  1. Aw. So beautiful. What a good idea. Reed has his own (store bought) wash clothes that really should be replaced. They have washed a lot of grime and dirt off his face! How old are kids when they finally get their food in their mouth instead of around it?


  2. I love this idea. My oldest son, has recently asked me to teach him the “very basics” of knitting before he moves out for college (in a little under 2 years). I think washcloths would be a great way to get him started, and that basket weave one would be great for teaching when he’s got garter stitch down pat.
    I’m pinning these so I don’t forget.


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