Waldorf Doll Shoes and Birthday Crown

I’ve been working on some doll sewing and knits for the girls for Christmas and birthdays. One most requested item are shoes for the beloved Waldorf dolls. I had Saartje’s Bootees pattern in my queue for some time, and after reading a few reviews, realized they could be made small enough for dolls. So over the weekend, I made two pairs of little doll shoes. They are tiny and sturdy and stretchy, and after doubling the length of the straps, fit the dolls’ feet very well. They are a perfect way to use up some leftover sock or fingering weight yarn, and knit up quickly. I’m sure the girls will love them!

I also worked up this Princess Birthday Crown for my middle child’s upcoming birthday. I did it in crochet because I thought it might be a little stiffer and sturdier. Nothing like a little project with acrylic yarn to make you appreciate natural fibers! But I think the birthday girl will love it.

I’m getting down to single digits of pregnancy weeks, and I’ve had to be mindful about resting more often. So I’ve been passing a lot of down time with knitting new projects and finishing some unfinished projects – lucky me! 🙂

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