Double Cascade

I needed to make yet another baby sweater for another friend’s new baby. The first sweater completed was the Cascade sweater, using Cascade 220 (appropriately enough!). I started this only to realize that it was going to run small. I decided to keep this either for myself or as a future gift, and make my friend a different, larger sweater.

There’s a lot of detail in this pattern, and I think a larger size would best emphasize these details. But it sure is cute!

The second sweater I finished was using the My Gift to You pattern.

I used the rest of the Cascade 220 skein from the first sweater, as well as most of the second skein. It has such a unique look, with the asymmetrical neckline and simple stitch pattern.

Linking with Nicole and Ginny.


10 thoughts on “Double Cascade

  1. I.Love.Those.Sweaters! I love the leaf detail down the front of the first. I love the asymmetry of the second one and those ever so sweet, amazing little flower buttons. (I have a weakness for buttons). I love LOVE your colour choice! So calm and soothing. Fantastic job on both.


  2. Wow these are just adorable! I love the soft and subtl colour and all the beautiful details. The yarn looks wonderfully soft and the buttons are beyond cute 🙂 This makes me want to knit baby knits all winter!


  3. Aloha! My name is Karisma. I found your blog from this link up several weeks ago, and just think your knitting is so beautiful. Your finishes are lovely and I’m sure that those babies will be wrapped in so much love. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. Those sweaters are lovely! I’m especially partial to anything with a leaf lace pattern. I’m currently working on a sweater with a leaf-ish pattern on the back, and I just find it so fun to knit. Fantastic work!


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