Finishing up those unfinished projects

As I’m working through some organization (thank you, KonMari method!), I’m realizing that there are more unfinished projects living in my drawers than I care to admit… So here are a couple that I finished up this week.

Baby Sweater on Two Needles – I started this quite a while back, on a road trip on the mainland, and the only thing that I needed to finish up were weaving in ends, blocking, and sewing on buttons. These buttons are cute, aren’t they? I think the transparent red works with the thick, wooly grey fiber. Maybe I started this for someone specifically? but I don’t remember now, so off it goes to wait for gift giving. (I just noticed that I took these pictures before I sewed on the buttons – I promise they are attached now!)

Another Baby Sweater on Two Needles – I must have had an EZ phase a while back! All this needed were seven little buttons, and I thought the wood buttons complimented the soft pink color.

I still have a couple of unfinished projects, but they are both with laceweight yarn (yikes!) and I’m definitely not up to the detailed work right now, so they will have to wait a while longer.

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