Finished – Drake Sweater

I did it! I finished my first adult-sized sweater and I’m extremely proud of myself. There was a bit of a scare at the end, though. Before I blocked the sweater, I had compared it to my husband’s favorite sweater and it was the perfect size. After blocking was a different story. When I layed it out to block, the length of the arms and body were much longer – maybe 4″ longer in the body and even longer in the arms! I don’t know if that’s common or not, but I took my chances and popped it in the dryer. It shrunk back to its original measurements, thank goodness, and I was so thankful for superwash wool! Come Christmas, we will see how it fits my husband – fingers crossed!

Linking with Nicole and Ginny.

8 thoughts on “Finished – Drake Sweater

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