Slowing down…

My little world has been slowing down, little by little, as baby time approaches. I’ve still been knitting, but mostly updating my Ravelry page instead of here. I’d love for you to check it out and see my latest projects! Here are my latest finished items and works in progress:

Snug Bug – I hope to make a couple of colorful newborn sweaters before the little one makes his/her appearance. I love colorful knits, but it has made me a little sick to look at such saturated colors for the majority of my pregnancy. So I’m playing catch up with my planned knits! This was made with Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Lettuce and it is wonderfully soft.

Beekeeper’s Tank – I had planned on making this for a while, but the yarn I wanted was way too saturated and colorful to work on for a while. But I was able to finish it, and I really love it! It is in one of my favorite colorways, Big Sur, by Madelinetosh. I’m hoping it fits after I have the baby, though I’m thinking I will have to reknit the neck opening so it isn’t so small (which isn’t a big deal – it’s a simple garter stitch finish).

Hitchhiker – This was a fun knit and I LOVE the colors! I used yarn by Madelinetosh in Coquette, Tart, Torchere, and Pop Rocks. I’ve already worn it several times and it’s a nice weight and size for a warmer climate.

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22 thoughts on “Slowing down…

  1. you are a wonderful knitter, your stitches are perfectly even!!! love, love, love the green sweater and cap!!! the hitchhiker is gorgeous as well, you must be knitting a long time!!!!!


    • That is a really kind compliment! But no, I haven’t been knitting too long, I’ve just really worked on tension and having even stitches. Simple patterns are the best, too 🙂


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