Latest finished projects, and plans

It’s been about a month since our sweet little girl made her debut, and consequently, it’s been a month of little sleep, little knitting, but lots of cuddles and snuggles! I was able to finish up two projects that I’ve been working on, something to be proud of considering it’s been quite a busy month!

I started the Reyna shawl on my due date for my midwife. From past experience I knew that I would go well past my due date, so this was a nice, sort of mindless knit that was very satisfying. I used Malabrigo Sock in Arco Iris, which I picked up on a whim and I loved for this project.


I also finished this Spiral Cowl. I have an unofficial resolution for 2016 to knit gifts throughout the year, for both birthdays and Christmas. So the cowl is not for me, of course, but for my sister for Christmas. I used Malabrigo Silky Merino in Spring Water, and both the feel of the yarn and the color are simply gorgeous.

And of course, I’ve been thinking of my future knitting projects. I ended up frogging Little Ancolie because the more I knit, the more it didn’t look like my eldest daughter. So I’ve decided to pair the beautiful Pashmina yarn with Flax Light. I’m really looking forward to that project. I also think I’m going to use the same pattern to make a baby sweater for my littlest one. It’s actually been slightly chilly here in the mornings (low 70s – the horror!!) and it would be nice for her to have a lightweight pullover. Since most of her baby sweaters were too small, I’m going to size up significantly this time.

Well the baby is calling – I hope to update here more often as she settles in, and I’m not as sleep deprived. πŸ™‚


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6 thoughts on “Latest finished projects, and plans

  1. Both projects are beautiful–lovely work! For some reason I’m really into dreaming about shawl patterns lately. You’ve totally just sold me on the Reyna. πŸ™‚


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