Review of Baby Knits

This week I’m feeling particularly uninspired with my current knitting projects. I’m still trudging along with the last sleeve of this sweater. It’s DK weight, which usually makes for a speedy-ish knit, but it is going so. slowly. So instead of show you the entire two rows that I knit on the sleeve, I thought I’d do a review of the baby knits I knit up for baby #4. Just as a reference, she was a little over 8 pounds when she was born, so not small, but not huge – about average in my crew of 4.

Summary: All the sweaters I knit except one were too small for her, sleeves, width, everything. So I’d like to focus on the successes. πŸ™‚

Newborn Knot Hat: This was a perfect fit on her 13.5″ head. It only fit for a couple of weeks, as her head grew quickly, but we really didn’t need it with our climate. I didn’t use a pattern, just made it from my own notes, and I’d definitely make it again.

Baby Surprise Jacket: This would fit about a 3-6 months size, in my estimation, with the yarn I used. It was much larger than the other baby knits I made. She hasn’t worn it yet, so I will try and snap a picture when she does wear it.

Milo Bambino #1 and Milo Bambino #2: These both fit great. I used DK weight yarn instead of the fingering suggested, and they both fit for a couple of weeks. If I would have used a really stretchy bind off for the hem, they would have fit even longer. Baby girl really didn’t care to wear them, though, so it ended up being fine.

Hundreds Cardigan: This was a really nice fit, and I loved the Malabrigo silk and merino yarn I used. It has a nice stretch and, like the other projects above, fit for a couple of weeks. The hat was way too small and went to my other girls for doll clothes.

Perfect Fit Newborn Socks: These fit for quite a long time (at least a month and a half!), and stayed on nicely. I was happy that I had them and would definitely make them again.

Kiss Me Romper: This did fit, but she didn’t wear it because the colorway looked light blue and so I gifted it to a friend for her sweet baby boy.

For the sake of clarity, the items that were too small were: Tiny Pants #1 and #2, Cascade, Snug Bug (and the matching hat), and Keams.

Patterns I would still like to try: I’d still like to make her a little cardigan, in a 6-12 month size or so, and also Flax Light. I actually made the Flax Light in women’s size xs for my eldest and also in a baby size for a friend, and they both were wonderful. Maybe once I get my final sweater sleeve knit up… πŸ™‚

Shop update: Friends, thank you so much for the wonderful response to my new little shop. You have been so kind and positive to my new endeavor and it really warmed my heart. So thank you for that! This week I’ve been dyeing and sewing up a storm! I will have lots of new colorways in the shop this Friday, and depending on time, some new project bags, too.

Reading: The Child Whisperer. I was able to borrow it for free through Amazon Prime, and it has been an interesting read. It’s a little redundant, so I have been skimming it, but I have learned a lot about my children’s personalities and how to communicate with them better. It’s really important to me to work at becoming a good communicator and I think this book will help with that.

I may not post later this week, so I will wish you a blessed Holy Week and a wonderful Easter!!


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10 thoughts on “Review of Baby Knits

    • It was quite a bit of knitting, wasn’t it? It’s a little challenging getting much knitting done these days with a new baby and a mischievous toddler πŸ™‚


  1. You’re a knitting fiend! So many lovely projects for your little one. I’m sorry some didn’t work out as well as you had planned.
    That romper is especially sweet and I’m sure you’re friend was as pleased as punch to receive it!


    • Thank you! It’s fine, I really should know by now to make baby things larger than expected. But it’s just so tempting to make those small sizes, they are so adorable and fast!


  2. I am working on the Milo vest this week and I find it to be a very easy and fun knit. I anticipate that the baby will only wear it for a few weeks, which is fine, the weather will be warming pretty quickly by then anyway. It’s so nice to hear what other people think of patterns that are currently on the needles or in the queue. Love this review. Very helpful!


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