Making progress…

I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful! It was super relaxing here – besides a last minute decision to clean the carpets! But its done now and we had a lovely clean house for Easter, which is always nice. The kids played outside a ton and we all indulged in lots of sugar and gluten and buttery treats 🙂

I was able to work a little more on my Say Anything cardigan. The sleeve is getting there, but I definitely need to be more consistent on working on it. Can I be honest for a minute? I cast on using my “normal” body measurements at the end of my pregnancy, and right now, my postpartum body is a good deal larger than what it is normally. So the sweater doesn’t look really flattering when I try it on, and it really doesn’t fit the way I wanted it to. So I just don’t have the motivation to finish it other than not having a WIP that’s 95% done. Ah, such is life and perhaps I should just stick with socks or shawls for the time being 🙂

Reading: Still working on The Child Whisperer, about half way through, and enjoying it.

Shop update: I added quite a few new colorways to the shop last week, and they are getting swooped up! This Friday I plan on a shop update with lots of new project bags and hopefully some restocks and new colorways, too.

I hope your week is wonderful!

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14 thoughts on “Making progress…

  1. Don’t fret, finish the cardi, block it, dress as you would when you are going to wear it and then make a decision. I was sure I would hate the last two sweaters, but once I got them ready to wear I changed my mind. Love the color!


  2. I have two words for the cardigan:
    1. Gorgeous
    2. Blocking

    It is beautiful and don’t stress about it fitting so much – remember that a nice soaking and blocking can do wonders for handknits!

    Hopefully that is the motivation you need to get it finished!


  3. It is a gorgeous cardigan – you can always finish it and pop it away until it fits again – I have the same conundrum after three babies in fairly quick succession have left me a lot heavier than I ought to be. I’m mostly knitting for the children instead at the moment; I’ll get back to me later!


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