Sick kiddos and a new shawl

We had my eldest daughter’s last soccer game and potluck this past weekend, and as usual with these kinds of events, the kids ate way too much junk food (people can’t resist a sweet two year old begging for a cookie, you know!) Well, two of the kiddos weren’t feeling well that evening and next morning, and are now full blown sick with colds and slight fevers. Our family eats pretty clean, as I have food sensitivities, and it’s easier for everyone to eat the way I do. But I also let them indulge for special occasions, and now I feel bad that I didn’t monitor their treat intake more. You would think I would know these things, four kids later!

Every Sunday I think – hmm, I’d sure like a new shawl to wear, I really should make one, etc. and then I forget. So in the midst of taking care of the sickies, I’ve started on another Reyna shawl. It looks so fantastic with variegated yarn, and I’m using one of my new colorways, ‘ฤ€kala.

…And now the baby has woke up and is crying, so I have to cut this short. Have a wonderful week!

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7 thoughts on “Sick kiddos and a new shawl

  1. Oh your yarn looks so gorgeous in that shawl. We eat clean too and this same scenario has happened to us too! Then I feel so bad but remember if something is going around people still get sick no matter how healthy they are. Hope everyone is on the mend.


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