It’s been awhile

I’ve realized that it’s been quite awhile since I posted here – about three months or so – and it’s been a busy few months! The baby has been sharing a room with my husband and me, which is also where I have my computer, so when she sleeps, I can’t use the computer… which has also made posting here a little difficult. She is out of our room now and into the nursery (read: spare room), which has helped both of us sleep much better. She is nine months already, which is crazy to think. I’m also feeling a bit more like myself (I wish I could sleep through the night!) and back to “normal”, which I suppose is a relative term. 🙂

I’ve been keeping up with my knitting, though I have much less time to knit than I did when I was pregnant. It’s fine though! I love those little chubby hands that pull my knitting off the needles, and I do have a few finished projects.

The photos of these aren’t the best quality. I took them with my iPod touch because it was the most convenient at the time 🙂

A gorgeous little sweater and two pairs of socks? Not too bad for having a very active baby!

I’m still dyeing yarn, and have been enjoying it so much. I am so thankful to have a creative outlet and something for myself. My husband and children are very supportive of it and I am thankful for that, too. Any free time I have has been dedicated to this, and it is so hard to not have more time to put towards it! But that is this season of life!

On a personal note, I can’t shake the feeling that we are turning the corner on our life journey, like we are headed for changes. I suppose life is always changing but some changes are larger and more impactful than others. We shall see…

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4 thoughts on “It’s been awhile

  1. Oh how happy I am to “see” you again! Those sweet little baby feet – oh my word, they make me melt! and sleep.. what is that? I have forgotten :p
    Love your yarn. I hope to purchase some one of these days ❤


  2. Your knitting projects are beautiful! I love the yarn you used for socks and beautiful baby sweaters draw me every time. I like the ankle socks. Is the pattern online anywhere that you know of?

    And that picture with chubby baby feet in it…..{swoon!}


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